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Asian American Pacific Islanders are the fastest growing racial group in the country and California, and the group exhibited record levels of turnout in the November 2020 Presidential Election.


Founded in 2021, the Asian American Pacific Islander Voter Guide was created to inform a large voting bloc of California voters on who is running for office in their community.  

According to the California Secretary of State Voter Registration data, 2,295,090 million voters in California are Asian descent.  Here is some more interesting numbers to look at:

            Chinese:                                    611,684

            Filipino:                                       542,277

            Japanese:                                 157,908

            Korean:                                       206,153

            Vietnamese:                           423,271

            Other race:                              353,797


            Democrat:                                913,622

            No Party Preference:          783,494

            Republican:                              506,042

            Other:                                           91,932


Asian American and Pacific Islander voters exhibit tremendous diversity in terms of characteristics like national origin, geographic region, religion, and English-language proficiency.  At the same time, they demonstrate remarkable cohesion when it comes to their interest in health care and opinions related to immigration, the environment, guns and education. On many of these issues, Asian Americans lean progressive, favoring a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, stronger environmental protections, gun control, and affirmative action.  They are likely to believe that the Democratic party handles most issues better than the Republican party, with the exception of taxes and “jobs and the economy.” 

Political parties have yet to harness the power of the Asian American and Pacific Islander vote despite the fact that many remain persuadable. The 2020 Asian American Voter Survey shows that about half of all respondents were not contacted by either major party. With a higher than average response of voters who do not subscribe with either party, party outreach will be critical for Asian American voters.  

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